Meditation Technique

Incense Meditation Technique

(Buddhist value: Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct and reminds us to cultivate good conduct)

Imagine that you are a stick of incense. Someone comes along and lights up a matchstick. The per-son puts the little flame to the tip of the incense. candleImmediately, you are burning away.

As you are burning, your body gives off a lovely fragrant smell. This fragrance spreads through their and brings joy and happiness to people’s heart.

The person then offers you to the Buddha. You are being put into an incense pot. You stand happily in the incense pot because you know that you have an important role to play. Your fragrance symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct. And this reminds people to cultivate good conduct. This fragrance spreads in all directions through-out the world.

As you are burning away, you also remind people to try and burn away their bad, unkind or selfish thoughts. They should try to be like you, burning away their selfish acts and bringing fragrance and happiness to the world. Let every breath, that everyone breathes out into the world be full of sweetness and love. Continue to spread your fragrance in all directions.